Kate Bush: “The Boxes of Lost At Sea” (Signed Box Set) - Braille Edition

Bid on an autographed, limited-edition box set of Kate Bush's seminal 1985 album Hounds of Love with the brand new The Boxes of Lost at Sea.  These beautiful wall-mountable art boxes each contain one side of the Hounds of Love album, each UV printed with illustrations.

The boxes, which can be wall mounted, also feature flashing LED lights powered by two AAA batteries. 

This box set is the "braille" box set. For the standard version, go here to bid.


    1. Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) (2018 Remaster)
    2. Hounds Of Love (2018 Remaster)
    3. The Big Sky (2018 Remaster)
    4. Mother Stands For Comfort (2018 Remaster)
    5. Cloudbusting (2018 Remaster)
    1. And Dream Of Sheep (2018 Remaster)
    2. Under Ice (2018 Remaster)
    3. Waking The Witch (2018 Remaster)
    4. Watching You Without Me (2018 Remaster)
    5. Jig Of Life (2018 Remaster)
    6. Hello Earth (2018 Remaster)
    7. The Morning Fog (2018 Remaster)

Kate says: “The idea was to create a hybrid of an album and a piece of artwork you could hang on the wall. They’re based on something I designed for an auction for the charity War Child”

You can learn more about Kate's inspiration via this short video she posted.

Kate kindly signed these to raise money for War Child UK a non-governmental organization who works to protect, educate and stand up for the rights of children caught up in war.

Boxes will ship in 2024. Fair Market Value: $630

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Framed options are only available in the US, UK, and Canada at this time.
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