2023 Holiday Shipping Update

And just like that, 2023 is drawing to a close!  But before we pop the champagne and bust out the Auld Lang Syne, we have a few holidays to celebrate!  So without further ado, er are the cut off dates to order artwork by Dec 24th. 

It is possible that you'll get artwork on time if you order after these dates, but we won't be able to guarantee it!

Please remember: we have a warehouse in the UK and one in the US. Depending on where each print was signed and where you live, we may need an additional three days to relocate it to the proper distribution center. Each artwork should say where it was signed on our website! 

US, Canada, Mexico

Signed and Framed: Dec 8

Signed and Unframed: Dec 13

Unsigned and Framed: Dec 8

Unsigned + Unframed: Dec 13


Signed and Framed: Dec 11

Signed and Unframed: Dec 16

Unsigned and Framed: Dec 11

Unsigned and Unframed: Dec 18

Mini Unsigned + Unframed: Dec 18


Signed: December 11

Unsigned: December 14

Rest Of World

Signed: Dec 5

Unsigned: Dec 6


At the end a nonstop 2023, full of new records for orders fulfilled, money raised, and artworks released, our small team is taking a much-deserved holiday vacation. During this time we won’t be fulfilling orders, and will not respond quickly to emails. Here’s an update on timelines:

US, Canada, Mexico, “Rest of World"
Our team will be off Dec 23 - Jan 2 and will not be fulfilling orders during this time. 

UK and EU
Our UK team will be out Dec 23 - Jan 12 and will not be fulfilling any orders in that time. 

Customer Service
We also won't be checking customer service consistently. If you have an urgent issue, please send an email with the word URGENT in your subject to info@soundwavesartfoundation.com